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Safe Holiday Drinking as Easy as 1-2-3

Holiday drinking adds a popular element of levity, joy, and enjoyment to any holiday feast. However it all too often also adds a more unpopular element; sickness, DUI citations, and a completely wrecked waistline! Follow these three super simple guidelines, though, and you can stay safe, feel great, and still have a ton of adult beverage satisfaction! Continue reading "Safe Holiday Drinking as Easy as 1-2-3"

6 Tips to Eat Like a Beast this Holiday and Still Look and Feel Great!

Dieters fear the holidays, which is one great reason I never, ever diet. However there are a few simple techniques to successfully navigate holiday eating without blowing your waistline, and still eat like a beast if you do it right. Follow these guidelines and you will come out of the holidays feeling energetic, healthy, and fabulous. Continue reading "6 Tips to Eat Like a Beast this Holiday and Still Look and Feel Great!"

Gluten-Free, or Not Gluten-Free? Don't Be Misled

This- from the Mayo Clinic:

"Should I Go Gluten-Free? Only if you have celiac disease, when gluten (a protein in grains) damages your small intestine. Experts no longer think gluten causes rashes, stomachaches, or weight gain in people without the disease. "Now why would experts "no longer think gluten" causes sensitivities? In this case, because the original Australian study was tainted from the start. The scientists who published the gluten sensitivity results rushed the study, employed poor protocols, and published results as fact that they could not duplicate nor quantify. Continue reading "Gluten-Free, or Not Gluten-Free? Don't Be Misled"

Relationship Challenges

Weight loss, especially great weight loss, means change. Not just physical change, either; emotional, mental, and relationship changes. These challenges are real and to be taken seriously. Let Maureen explain...

Hello again, Belldon. :-)

My weight today was 251.1.

I want to thank you for your response email yesterday. It was very thorough and full of tons of wisdom that I will reference often. In fact, when I got on the scale this morning, my first though was what is Belldon going to think? Then I caught myself. I chose to take last night off and have some alcohol and pizza. I knew that the scale would reflect my choices this morning. I knew I'd be reporting to you. And I knew my schedule and planned that I'd have a soup day (or two) to make up for it. Then I was fine. I hope I'm not lying to myself that I have "got this". This gain feels different than previous ones because it didn't feel "mindless". And I'm fine today. So I do welcome your input. What's your take? Continue reading "Relationship Challenges"

Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Trust Nutrition Research

Can you trust the reports that come from nutrition researchers? Maybe more importantly, can you trust the reports you hear or read in the media about scientific findings in the realm of nutrition? In the midst of a rapidly escalating obesity epidemic and floundering public health, this is a question you need an answer to. Continue reading "Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Trust Nutrition Research"

Connecting with My Food

Good morning, Belldon.

My weight today was 261.7. I made a chicken soup yesterday and this may sound funny, but I felt really connected with the process. I enjoyed making it, put a lot of love into it, and it was the best I'd ever made. My husband walked in after a long day and said the house smelled wonderful. He ate soup for dinner with me. I was in shock! I'm glad that when he finally tried it I had a successful soup. I'm hopeful that if I prepare the new recipes with the same love and care, people will choose to eat Nutri-90 with me. I'd especially like to get the kids trying the new meals and I'm hoping they start to prefer healthy food. Continue reading "Connecting with My Food"

Recipe- Jumbo Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry

There are two pervasive myths that have entwined themselves throughout the world of healthy eating. The first proclaims that healthy cooking takes too long and is hard to learn. The second holds that healthy foods cost too much. This week’s Tiny Kitchen recipe shoots down both of those fables. Feed a family of three and make your friends think you are a master chef in just 15 minutes and with only $8. Continue reading "Recipe- Jumbo Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry"

Recipe- Poached White Fish

If you have ever baked or fried white fish, fish such as cod, ling, tilapia and so on, you know how easy it dries out and becomes tasteless, with the consistency of cardboard. In fact it can be almost impossible to avoid! But fret not, there is an easy method for cooking white fish that yields a juicy, delicious dish every time- poaching. This technique is easy to master by following these simple directions, and will yield amazing food for you and your family and guests. Continue reading "Recipe- Poached White Fish"

Vicki's Kitchen- Quinoa Cucumber Salad Recipe

It’s all the rage and I’m sure you’ve seen it, read about it or heard someone raving about quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah), but it may surprise you to learn it’s not new at all. This perfect little food is considered an ancient grain. Quinoa is a “perfect protein”, meaning it contains all nine of the amino acids (protein building blocks) not made by the human body itself There are 22 of these building blocks, but the body makes most of them internally. These 9 must come from our food. Many meats, together with dairy and eggs are perfect proteins, but it is rare among plants. Continue reading "Vicki's Kitchen- Quinoa Cucumber Salad Recipe"