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Keto: Is a Ketogenic Diet Right for You?

A dear friend of mine is on a ketogenic eating plan, and she is one of the healthiest, most fit people I know. She recently said, “Belldon, I have noticed that people get very worked up about three things: politics, religion, and diet. But of the three, only diet can be proven; blood tests don’t lie.” She is right, of course, and her blood tests are in the perfect range across the board. Electrolytes, proteins, trace minerals, vitamin levels, blood sugar… all of it.

Another friend of mine is on a ketogenic eating plan and he is absolutely destined for an early grave. His blood test results are all over the place, and he is neither healthy nor fit. I have several other friends eating to the ketogenic plan that fall into various places in between. Continue reading "Keto: Is a Ketogenic Diet Right for You?"

Big Food Marketing Basics- We Are Pavlov’s Dogs

Some of you recognize the name Ivan Pavlov. He was a noted Russian Scientist at the turn of the 20th Century, conducting experiments into digestion and salivary glands.

In conducting experiments with dogs, however, he accidentally unlocked a door leading to recognition and further study of conditioned behavioral responses. While trying to measure salivary excretions when dogs were presented with food, he soon realized the dogs secreted the same amounts of saliva by simply hearing the footsteps of the lab assistant who brought their food. That realization led to experiments connecting the sounds of metronomes and bells to food. Pavlov conditioned his dogs to salivate, a typical hunger response, by simply hearing sounds they associated with food, even if they were not hungry, or had recently eaten a lot already. Today you hear references to "Pavlov's dogs," or "Pavlov's bells," in conversations about human subconscious behavior. Continue reading "Big Food Marketing Basics- We Are Pavlov’s Dogs"

Lessons from Lucky

One of the most important lessons on wellness I have ever received came from our old horse, Lucky. Lucky was so dumb she made rocks look smart, I am not kidding. It was a peaceful pastime, though, to watch her graze. In her pasture she would eat every blade of grass, the clover, and even the dandelions and weeds. But she would carefully avoid foxgloves. She would eat every single blade of grass down to the dirt, but would carefully eat around the foxglove plants. When she was done with a section of pasture, all that remained were stranded, lonely foxgloves. Continue reading "Lessons from Lucky"

That Magical Power of Love

I want to share this story with you because even the worst relationship debacle can change our lives—for the better. Working in nutrition and weight loss, I encounter many obese people who have been emotionally crippled because of the horrible treatment they have received at the hands of those they opened up to in the relationships they should have been able to rely upon. So they have turned to food, with disastrous consequences. I share with them, and now with you, this story; because empowerment comes from… well… I will let you read this and judge for yourself. Continue reading "That Magical Power of Love"

3 Steps to Healthy Sweets

This warm, gooey, mouthwatering apple pie just came out of my oven. The aroma wafting through the house is making my mouth water, and I cannot wait to sink my fork into those soft, tart, chewy apples, and enjoy this delicious pie crust, right down to the edges.

Given that I am the Founder of Nutri-90 Programs, and a noted nationwide expert on metabolic optimization and weight loss, you may be asking right now, "How can that be? Didn't Belldon give up his rights to carb loaded sweets long ago? How can he keep his baseline weight while eating like that?"

Those are all great questions, and luckily, they have great and simple answers. Let me introduce you to the 3 Steps to Healthy Sweets. Continue reading "3 Steps to Healthy Sweets"


Good afternoon, Belldon. And... Go Falcons!

My weight this morning was 253.2. I am mentally done and I think I'm physically done with this RFL (ed. Rapid Fat Loss) Phase. I had a good weekend except for watching my husband eat things that I'm craving just because I feel hungry. I guess I feel mentally hungry. I'm game for some change. ;-) I did shake up my menu a bit this weekend. But I want some beef! Lol. We got some crab Friday night and I was able to get two meals out of mine because I added a hard-boiled egg to each salad to use less crab. It tasted so amazing and creamy with the egg yolk. It felt like dressing. I also made your Pollo Asado de Baja last night. Good stuff! I don't have anything special planned today because it is the last day of RFL and tomorrow I get a steak. :-) I've got this! Continue reading "Struggles"

Body Love and Acceptance: What Does It Mean?

Should we just get used to our bodies; love them for what they are, and accept ourselves as-is? That is a hotly debated question these days, as the self-help industry reinforces and exploits personal insecurities, and an ever-increasing obese population pushes back, seeking confidence and acceptance in the shell they are given. Let me impart a new perspective, something you may not have pondered before. Continue reading "Body Love and Acceptance: What Does It Mean?"

What is So Special About the Nutri-90 Food List?

Eating this way is a choice for ultimate health and well-being. Much, much more than weight loss. You may not realize this, but the Nutri-90 Menu Guide got its start in my dad’s cancer treatment. After his cancer was found and he was already stage D-4 (D-5 being dead), his doctors gave him “6 days to 6 weeks, maybe a few months” to live. Not very long. We rather desperately began looking for options, and found a researcher at University of Washington. He gave my dad a food list and told him to eat nothing but the items on that menu, in the balance listed, no exceptions. Friends, my dad lived many more years! His cancer never went into remission; it was already too far gone. However it did slow to a crawl, barely growing at all, for all that time. His doctors were surprised, and others diagnosed at the same time were dying much more quickly. What was his lucky ticket? That food list! He was faring so much better because of what he was eating. Continue reading "What is So Special About the Nutri-90 Food List?"

Christmas Recipe Time! Warm Kale Waldorf Salad

As the founder of Nutri-90 Programs, do you know the #1 question I am asked every holiday season? That’s right, “What do you make for Christmas Dinner?” Well, here is a delicious holiday wonder that comes from Lynette LaMere, Executive Chef of Pure Joy Catering in Santa Barbara, California. You will love this; even the kids will ask for more! And best of all, this recipe is 100% Nutri-90 compliant. That means it is part of the program that will help you to conquer obesity, permanently. Continue reading "Christmas Recipe Time! Warm Kale Waldorf Salad"

Safe Holiday Drinking as Easy as 1-2-3

Holiday drinking adds a popular element of levity, joy, and enjoyment to any holiday feast. However it all too often also adds a more unpopular element; sickness, DUI citations, and a completely wrecked waistline! Follow these three super simple guidelines, though, and you can stay safe, feel great, and still have a ton of adult beverage satisfaction! Continue reading "Safe Holiday Drinking as Easy as 1-2-3"